• Must be ON TIME. If you are more than 10 minutes late we may have to reschedule your road test. It takes at least 50 minutes to complete a Road Test.
  • Must be prepaid. Cash, credit, debit cards are acceptable, NO CHECKS, NO AMEX
  • If 18 years or older: Must have a valid Temporary Instruction Permit held for at least 30 days or stamped “waive 30 days” by S.O.S (original documents) No Passengers are allowed in the vehicle during the Road Test
  • If under 18 years: Must have a Michigan Level I license (permit) held for at least 180 days and a Segment II certificate (original documents) A parent/guardian is required to accompany the minor on the Road Test
  • Must have current Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Registration (paper copy)
  • Vehicle must pass safety inspection …horn, gauges, turn signals and all three brake lights must work (including center brake light), no cracked windshields…Refer to pages 10 &11 of The Driving Skills Test Study Guide
  • Must have enough gas to complete test. We cannot stop for gas


Note: You must pass the Basic Controls (parking portion) of the Road Test first before advancing to the Driving portion

Please refer to the Driving Skills Test Study Guide for

additional information, guidelines, and the components of

Basic Controls, Driving Skills Test, and Scoring Standards


Road Tests: $50 Mon.-Fri. / $55 Sat. / $55 Sun.

Retests:     $40 (weekends are full price)

For any of the following:

  • Document failure: Missing or expired documents – $25 Mon. – Fri. / $30 Sat. – Sun.
  • Equipment failure: Failing the safety inspection – $25 Mon. – Fri. / $30 Sat. – Sun.
  • No show/Late cancellation: Did not call 24 hours before the appointment –

$25 Mon. – Fri. / $30 Sat. – Sun.


Full refunds of an appointment are given only if cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.