Monday – Friday $50
Weekends $55

Retests $40 Monday – Friday,  $55 Saturday & Sunday
No Show/Late Cancellation $25 Monday – Friday,  $30 Saturday & Sunday
Document Failure $25 Monday – Friday,  $30 Saturday & Sunday
Equipment Failure $25 Monday – Friday,  $30 Saturday & Sunday


Road Test Prices:

Weekdays………….….$50 Weekends………….….$55

Policy Effective: January 21, 2019


Please read the following information regarding our updated policy about pricing for road test retakes.

If the customer…

  • …fails the parking or on-road portion of the test…
  • …does NOT bring in the proper documents
  • …has an equipment failure
  • cancels an appointment or does not show up for the test…

…and they choose to schedule a retest or reschedule their original appointment, it must be taken/scheduled within 60 days, counting from the date of the first test in order to be eligible for the discounted price. Otherwise, if the 60-day time frame passes, they are obligated to pay full price.


Teens holding a Level I License (Permit) taking a road est MUST PRESENT THE DRIVING LOG PRIOR TO TAKING A ROAD SKILLS TEST. The examiner is required to confirm the teen has completed 50 hours of supervised driving including 10 hours at night. OTHERWISE, THE TEEN WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TAKE THE ROAD TEST.

Road test consists of two parts: the Basic Controls Skills Test (parking) and the
Driving Skills Test (main roads, highway, etc.)

The driver must first pass the Basic Controls Skills Test in order to advance to the Driving Skills Test on the road. The driver must pass BOTH parts of the test in order to receive his/her road skills test certificate.

Testing fee must be paid in advance (before the day of the test) either by phone or in person at our office. Cash or credit cards accepted, but no checks.

Requirements for the Road Test

Teens (Under 18 years old)

Adults (Over 18 years old)

Must have

  • Level 1 Permit for at least 180 days
  • Segment 2 Completion Certificate
  • Driven at least 50 hours (Must bring driving log)
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany teens during the test. No other person is allowed in the car, especially children
  • Current proof of insurance (paper copy)
  • Current registration (original copy)
Must have

  • Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) for at least 30 days or stamped “Waive 30 days” by Secretary of State’s office
    $.01 receipt with foreign license and photo ID
  • Current proof of insurance (paper copy)
  • Current registration (original copy)

Applicant must also have the following items:

  • Must provide your own vehicle for the test. We do not rent vehicles.
  • Vehicle must pass a safety inspection conducted by the road test examiner.
    Turn signals, horn, gauges, and ALL 3 BRAKE LIGHTS (including center mount)  MUST WORK. No cracks in the windshield that would obscure the driver’s vision
    (Please see page 11 of Road Skills Test Study Guide regarding the vehicle inspection.)

Retest Fee (Within 60 days, must have original receipt)
If applicant fails either part – basic controls skills test or driving skills test – the applicant must take the entire road skills test again.

Retake Prices (if customer fails the parking or on-road portion of the test):

Weekdays………….….$40 Weekends………….….$55

(These prices are only valid for 60 days, counting from the date of the first test).

Additional Fees (document/equipment failure, late cancellation or no-show):

Weekdays………….….$25 Weekends………….….$30

(These prices are only valid for 60 days, counting from the date of the first test).

$25 Monday – Friday     Documentation Failure (The test begins with the paperwork.)

$30 Saturday & Sunday  Documentation Failure

  • Does not have Level 1 license, Segment II Certificate, Temporary Instruction Permit, or $.01 receipt from Secretary of State and Foreign License
  • Permit is expired or does not meet permit requirements
    (180 days on Level 1, 30 days on Temporary Instruction Permit or stamped “Waive 30 days”)
  • No Proof of Insurance or Proof of Insurance is expired (Must have paper copy)
  • No Registration or Registration is expired (Must have original copy)

$25 Monday – Friday      Equipment Failure

$30 Saturday & Sunday Equipment Failure

  • Vehicle does not pass safety standards inspection. See Page 11 of Road Skills Test Study Guide regarding complete vehicle inspection details.
  • Not enough gas to travel at least 20 miles: We are not allowed to stop for gas.

$25 Monday – Friday      Cancellation, No Show, or Late Fee

$30 Saturday & Sunday Cancellation, No Show, or Late Fee

  • Cancellation: 24 hours notice is required to cancel and receive a full refund.(phone messages are acceptable)
  • No Show: Missing your appointment without calling
  • Late: If you are more than 10 minutes late, we may not be able to conduct the test that day. It takes a minimum of 45 minutes to complete a Road Test.
  • Road tests usually take approximately one hour. We will do our best to keep on schedule; however, traffic and road conditions may cause a delay.

 To schedule, please call (248) 879-4800 or come by our office.

Please note that scheduling a road test over the phone requires payment with a credit card.