Instructors, both male and female, at Academy Driving School of Troy are licensed and certified. Each instructor has successfully completed 12 college credit hours of driver education classes required by the State of Michigan. Criminal history checks, medical examinations, and driving records are on file for all of our instructors.

Teen and adult students will be taught by a staff of instructors who are experienced and have been employeesof Academy Driving School of Troy for many years. Most have taught in the Public School System. They are professional and dedicated towards making driving a positive experience. Classroom instructors will teach students basic and defensive driving skills, road knowledge, and right of way rules. On the road, instructors will give individual attention to each student's strengths and weaknesses when teaching behind-the-wheel lessons. After every hour of driving, they will evaluate each student on performance and awareness skills. Our driver's education vehicles are equippedwith a dual brake; student driver and instructor will each have their own pedal brake.

Our instructors are friendly and happy to answer questions or discuss concerns you may have. Please call us at any time or stop in to talk with one of them.


Our road test examiners are certified and licensed. Each examiner has successfully completed a very intense training program required by the State of Michigan. Both male and female road testers are available. After every road test, examiners will brief the applicant on the results of their test. They will discuss the driver's strengths and weaknesses. Our staff of examiners is professional and will only conduct the road skills test in accordance with state regulations.